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Being Japanese in an Indian School

Mia Hoshino, Hibiki Reporter June 25, 2021

Every human wants to belong - whether it’s to a sports team, a club, a religious group, or in my case, a School. Little did I know that I would get to feel that sense of belonging from an environment...

Book Review: A Thousand Splendid Suns, by Khaled Hosseini

Book Review: A Thousand Splendid Suns, by Khaled Hosseini

Manasvi Bardia, Editor June 25, 2021

Centered in war-torn Afghanistan, A Thousand Splendid Suns is the heart-wrenching tale of Mariam and Laila as they face the daunting and unprecedented circumstances of war and female oppression.   Mariam...

Manasvi Bardia: “Being isolated from others for most of this year taught me that my real competition is with myself and not with others.”

The Peculiar “Pan-ademic” Calendar

Manasvi Bardia, Editor May 6, 2021

The academic calendar this year is far from conventional. Like everything else, we adjusted to the new normal. As everyone altered their lifestyles, students accommodated the pandemic into their plans....

Abhiram Oggu and Pal Singwala both made a successful transition to the Tokyo Campus from Yokohama. They talk about their experiences.

ChitChat: Yokohama to Tokyo, More Than Just Changing Campuses

Pal Singwala and Abhiram Oggu May 6, 2021

IISJ Yokohama students transfer to the Tokyo campus once they are 11th Graders. Bigger School, more students, different teachers  - the experience can be overwhelming. Or not? In this edition of ChitChat,...

Jahnavi with her sister, wearing traditional Japanese kimonos.

On Being a Third Culture Kid

Jahnavi Kumar, Reporter January 22, 2021

Growing up Indian in a country like Japan has made me appreciate being Indian. Think about that. And let me explain while you ponder.  I was born in Japan and have lived here for 14 years now. I thought...

Ten students from IISJ Tokyo and 2 from IISJ Yokohama take part in the Robotics Workshop.

IISJ Participates in Online Robotics Exchange Program

Manasvi Bardia and Pal Singwala January 22, 2021

IISJ students were challenged to come up with robotic solutions to everyday problems during a 3-day online robotics exchange program. The program was sponsored by Saitama University and also featured student...

Photo by NETFLIX.

ChitChat: Japan Sinks 2020

Aditya Sundar and Dharshini Bharathi January 22, 2021

In this issue of ChitChat, Dharshini and Aditya discuss the Japan Netflix anime series Japan Sinks 2020. The series follows a family as it tries to survive a massive earthquake that rattles the entire...

Poster by NETFLIX.

Movie Review: Kimetsu No Yaiba: Mugen Ressha

Lucy Lin January 20, 2021

Editor’s Note: The reviewer watched this movie at a theater that strictly followed COVID-19 safety precautions. However, Hibiki advises readers to wait for the movie to be released on online streaming...

Book Review: The Hate U Give, by Angie Thomas

Book Review: The Hate U Give, by Angie Thomas

Manasvi Bardia, Reporter October 27, 2020

The Hate U Give is the story of Starr Carter and the aftermath of a life-changing experience. Her whole world is turned upside down when she witnesses the death of her friend, Khalil Harris, at the hands...

Thanks, COVID: Senior Year is Unchartered Territory

Thanks, COVID: Senior Year is Unchartered Territory

Gunjan Srivastava, Editor October 25, 2020

I'm a senior at IISJ. What should have been a fun year - bonding with friends, stressing over college apps together, sharing notes for boards, planning year-end activities for the group - has come to a...

How Do We Recover from the Pandemic? Think Green!

How Do We Recover from the Pandemic? Think Green!

Abhiram Oggu, Reporter October 25, 2020

Headlines are screaming that we are facing the worst economic crisis since World War II. I couldn’t agree more. Economies are frozen and people are locked up in their homes. Yet, economists say that...

My fellow interns and I met regularly to discuss our goals and agenda. I had the time of my life!

High School Internship: Quarantine Edition

Dharshini Bharathi, Reporter October 24, 2020

Internships and community service are key when it comes to applying for colleges. But what happens during the pandemic? What is a senior to do? Just as my IISJ classes had moved online, I had to find an...

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