IISJ Musings: Life in the Time of COVID

Binaura Yashmitha Wanigabaduge, 5C

COVID-19 has spread all over the world and millions of people are suffering. Many governments announced state lockdowns. No sightseeing, no kids’ time at the parks; it is truly a lockdown of our lives. However, it has led us to get involved in many new activities.

I started planting seeds. When seedlings grow, it gives me pleasure. In a few days, I can harvest them. I was overjoyed when I got my new advanced Rubik’s cube. It is good for brain development. Making a giant jigsaw puzzle with my family was fun. It gave me a good sense of scaling. Reading is my favorite hobby. Even though I cannot go out to get books, I found an online site to read books. My parents created a YouTube channel for my brother and me to improve our presentation skills. We did presentation videos on cooking and roller skating. Not only presentation skills, I also learned basic skills of cooking. Now I can make my own yummy spinach curry.

When I was gifted a guitar, I started learning guitar through YouTube lessons. Now I know some chords and strumming patterns. Music keeps me relaxed and energetic. I listen to music when I am exercising with my father. At night time, I tend to watch the news on television. I realized many people are suffering not only from the virus, but also from poverty. I started admiring the people on the frontlines, especially those in the medical industry.

I pray for the world to overcome this pandemic. However, during the lockdown, we got an opportunity to do extracurricular activities and spend time with our families. It reminded me of the saying “Every dark cloud has a silver lining.”


Shreya Darshini Hazarika, Grade 6

Nelson Mandela once said “Freedom can never be taken for granted.” This is so relevant in the current situation in the world for the past few months due to the coronavirus pandemic. Suddenly, our lives changed and we are all stuck at home. But we have to follow these rules to end this fast. Cases seem to be growing every day. Till the situation gets better, we might have to stay home.

There are so many disadvantages because of the coronavirus outspread. But we also have a chance to explore our inner talents. After our online classes, we can do our hobbies which we do not get a chance to do during normal school days.

I always wanted to bake cakes and cookies for my family. This lockdown was a perfect time to experiment with my baking skills. I made a cake a few weeks ago. It was my very first cake and was very bad, but I am trying to make it better. 

Just a few days ago, I made Dalgona whipped coffee. After three attempts of making it, I finally made it perfectly. Everyone appreciated my hard work and I was delighted. I bought a few books, but did not get a chance to read. Now, I have ample time to read all those books. As a normal 6th grader, I have limited screen time. I also play with my younger sibling. I do yoga and meditation every morning. I made a few crafts and drawings recently which turned out amazing. These are things I do to keep me busy throughout the day.

Life is beautiful and time is very precious. We all should be thankful and grateful for our beautiful world.