Embrace Your High School Experience


As a middle school student, I had a lot of expectations for high school. It’s supposed to be the time when students decide to concentrate more during class, get more organized, make better friends, eat healthier, and so much more. Although it sounds exciting, you might encounter a few problems as you graduate from middle school to high school. I know I did. 

Making new friends is tough. Don’t expect people to come to you. You should take the first step and approach them. Most of the time, they’re just looking for friends too! Next, be kind to everyone. It is a huge plus point as they learn about your caring personality and will want to be better friends with you. I had a really hard time making friends. I thought it was because I was too talkative and loud. So, for a whole year, I tried to be the “quiet kid” in class. That didn’t work. So I started opening up and being who I really was. It took a little while, but now, I have some of the most genuine friends I could ever ask for. Changing your personality for people to like you is never the solution. You just have to have enough confidence and believe that you are alright just the way you are, and you deserve great friends. 

Plan out your studying. I hated studying. Sometimes I would get so lazy that I would lose track of time. Not good. I realized I had to somehow make it “enjoyable,” so I started scheduling my day. That way, I would study, get it over with for the day, and then do something fun as my reward. I also took neat notes so that I could review every once in a while without actually re-reading the book. Harshita Bagul, who graduated from IISJ this year, once told me “Studying because you want to gain knowledge and be smarter is so much more effective than memorizing it just for an exam.” Wise words. I think of studying almost like watching an interesting video and learning something, except that it’s in the form of text.

Use your down time wisely. High school consumes a lot of your time so that when you have some time off, it can be a little hard to figure out what to do. Being at home isn’t as boring as it sounds. There are so many things you can do: baking, learning a new language or an instrument, gardening, going out for a walk, reading, redecorating your room, and so much more. But staying at home for too long can be exhausting. I personally don’t like staying at home which is why I joined basketball. And I’m so glad I did. I have so much fun playing every day with my friends early in the morning.  Not just that, but it helped me stay healthy too!

Moving from middle school to high school made me realize I have to take every opportunity that comes my way. Join an afterschool club, go to IIMUN, attend Sports Day although it might rain, break out of your clique and make friends with the whole class, greet the janitors so that they get to know you and give you sweet smiles…all of these little things really matter. When I grow up and look back at my high school days, I know I won’t have any regrets.