IISJ Musings: Life in the Time of COVID-19

Editor’s Note: This column will feature guest submissions from our student body in which they write about life during the pandemic. Interested in seeing your essay here? Write to [email protected].

Arfazul Islam, 4C

During this virus season, I am staying at home. I only play games and study for 2-3 hours. I am doing online classes in Zoom. I am even studying in Zoom privately with my friends.

I play games like Dirt Rally 2.0, Fortnite, and FIFA 19. Dirt Rally is about street racing with opponents from around the world. Fortnite is my favorite game because it is very fun. I can play this game all day because I am very good at this game. I also have various players like Messi, Ronaldo, and Neymar, and it has an online friend mode so you can play with your cousin, brother, or sister who live far away. But I am not very good at this game.

I also help my mom with chores. I finish my homework since I’m doing online classes. I play chess with my mom every night. I also listen to music during my free time. It is the Ramadan month, so I am fasting. After 30 days of fasting, it is going to be Eid-Al-Fitr.

It is extremely hard to stay home and just play games and study, but we humans have to go outdoors and get some fresh air or exercise under the sun. I am an outdoor person. So I cannot sit home because it is annoying to follow the same routine every day. Some people think going outdoors is going to make them sweat and they find it fun to stay under the air conditioner 24 hours, but I am not one of them.

I cannot play soccer with my friends because I am not allowed to go anywhere unless and until my parents want me to come with them. I really hope the coronavirus situation will come to an end soon.

Anisha Pillai, 11B

COVID-19 pandemic has brought about tremendous challenges upon humanity, the scale of which is unprecedented in history. One of the most effective measures to prevent the spread of the virus has been social distancing. That is, stay at home as much as possible. Some governments have implemented complete lockdowns.

I have used this self-imposed stay-at-home time to bring about a few changes to my lifestyle. Not being a fan of literature, I have tried to set aside time and read something on a daily basis. Often due to my tight schedule this has never come to fruition. This time, with the help of my dad, I have been able to do so. I have named the first change brought about together with my father as “Reading Time.”

We have set aside one hour every day before going to bed as “Reading Time.” During this hour, we log in to an application that has a number of magazines and newspapers and we read anything that interests both of us. Apart from magazines, we have also started reading the book Why Do We Sleep? One of the basic advantages of reading is to develop a strong vocabulary and to learn a particular style of writing so that both language, as well as writing, will improve.

Another change in my routine has been increased hours of sleep. According to Why Do We Sleep?, sleep is one of the most necessary factors for a healthy life. It gives rest to the body, reduces stress, and helps regulate metabolism. Now, I don’t have to set aside time in the morning to get ready and travel to school. Consequently, I am able to sleep longer in the mornings. I have also started taking power naps in the evening. The naps help reboot my body and freshen my mind.

Though it is a difficult time for the world, I hope people staying at home are able to dedicate some time to improve themselves and bring a small change in their lifestyle.