How to Receive Your Stimulus Money


As part of Japan’s pandemic economic stimulus plan, the government will give ¥100,000 to every resident. Here is what you need to know to apply: 

Who is eligible for the aid?

There are no age or income requirements for the cash payment. Every resident in Japan who is on the Basic Resident Registry as of April 27th receives the money. Foreign residents must have a Residence Card to apply. 

Does each person get paid separately?

No. The money goes to the head of each household. For example, if you are a family of four people, the head of the household receives ¥400,000. The head is recorded on each family member’s Residence Card.  

What is the application period?

The application forms are currently being mailed to every household. However, online applications started on May 1st. The deadline for applications is three months after the form has been mailed. 

How do you apply?

The application forms will already have the name of the head of the household printed on it. Applicants will need to fill in: date of birth, address, and details for the bank account where the money will be sent to. A document confirming the identity of the person applying will also be required. Completed forms can be sent to the applicant’s local ward office.

If residents have the My Number Card, they can apply online through the My Number Portal website. The website contains the steps on how to apply in English as well. To apply online, an IC Card reader (for PC) or a compatible mobile device is required.

In-person applications are limited to special cases in order to prevent the spread of the infection.

When and how will the payment be received?

Payments will be deposited to applicants’ bank accounts and is expected to start sometime in mid-May. 

(Information compiled from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Mainichi Shimbun, and the official website of the Prime Minister’s Office.)