Tips for Looking Good During Zoom Classes

Going to the mirror, fixing your hair, and trying to look like you didn’t just wake up is every student’s nightmare. Now that IISJ classes are online and students are expected to have their video turned on during the Zoom sessions, the struggle is real. Here are some tips to help you overcome your worries and look great through the computer lens.


Always look fresh and ready to tackle the day. Shower, wash your face, comb your hair, and put on something nice. Just don’t wear anything plaid or patterned since it can look too busy on the video. Plaids and patterns can also clash with a busy background. To make sure the teacher can focus on your face and not the background, have a plain wall, bookshelf, or door behind you.


Try to find a quiet spot in your house or apartment when you attend classes. And make sure no one is sitting behind you nor crisscrossing the room during the class. It is distracting for the teacher and the other students who can see everything behind you. 


Student faces are often covered in shadows and hard to see. To prevent this, never sit with a window behind you. This darkens the foreground and only shows your silhouette on camera. Have a lamp or some sort of light source in front of you. This will help illuminate your face for the camera and brighten up everything around you. 


Make sure you mute yourself when you aren’t speaking. Background noise, such as your parents talking, the television volume, or the toilet flushing, can all be heard online. 

Camera Angle

Since most cameras are wide-angled, if you get too close, you will appear distorted. Hence, sit further away from the camera. And make sure that you are at eye level with your phone or laptop. Too often, we see people looking down or up from their computer screens. Solve this problem by placing your device on a pile of books. Adjust the number of books until you are at eye level with the camera. 

That’s all we can do to help you with your Zoom classes. Your grades are up to you!