[email protected] Features IISJ Speakers

Planning for this year’s event already underway.


IISJ’s Samran Shahid takes the stage during [email protected]. Below, Shafi Tasheed talks about all the bad first impressions he has made in his lifetime.

[email protected] is an annual event where speakers have to audition for a spot. Two IISJ students were chosen from among 50 applicants and they didn’t disappoint. 

Recalling how he is haunted by the bad first impressions he has made on people, Shafi Tasheed shared his tips on doing better. “When you cross lines and create boundaries, you generate respect for yourself,” said Tasheed to the audience of nearly 200 people at the event last October. He remembered how a friend would kick him in the shins and then just walk away.

IISJ’s Samran Shahid also spoke at the conference and talked about the power of science in saving lives. “If we set the right precedent today, we can foster a better future for our generations to come,” he said to loud applause. 

The theme of the event was “Tip the Iceberg.” According to organizers, it was “inspired by the nuances that lie behind seemingly simple issues and our ability to change the common understandings.” It was held at SmartNews. 

Helping to organize the event were IISJ’s Ahana Bhattacharya and Riya Faryal, along with 30 other students from different international schools across Tokyo. 

Auditions for this year’s [email protected] is already underway. Once the committees are in place, the search for speakers begins. The 2020 event is scheduled for November.