Burger King: IISJ’s New Gathering Spot


Next time you are looking for a missing classmate, make sure you check Burger King. In just a few short weeks, the new fast food chain has become a popular local hangout for IISJ students. 

“Thirty percent of our customers are students from IISJ,” said Koharu Aoki, who works at Burger King. The new Burger King, just around the corner from Nishi Ojima station, is located in the space previously used by The Suit Factory. It has seating upstairs that accommodates 57 people. 

According to Shinpei Yamaguchi, the store manager, the students like to use the upstairs for chatting and playing games. It’s “quiet, especially at 11:00am and has some good music,” said Shaunak Bapat who uses his time at BK to study. 

And what is the top selling item from the menu?

“The students like to order tartar chicken burgers, cheese bites, and chicken nuggets,” said Mr. Yamaguchi. And for those who are vegetarian, “since we are a franchise, we cannot accommodate special menus for vegetarians,” Mr. Yamaguchi said. However, “we always try our best to recommend foods that they can eat.” 

With lots of items on the menu, no one is going to leave hungry. Just make sure you avoid going between 4:00pm and 5:00pm. “It gets really crowded with IISJ students,” said Ms. Aoki.