Train Travel: Keeping Students Safe


Mr Yamashita Kazunori, the station master at Nishi Ojima station.

Taking the train is the most common way of travel for IISJ students. Trains are convenient, punctual, and connect to almost every corner of the country. But the attack on the Keio Line has many questioning how to stay safe. According to Nishi-Ojima’s station master, it all starts with you, the student. 

“Nowadays, we regularly see many students looking at their phones in the train with their headphones on, which often makes us wonder whether or not they are listening to the announcements,” said Mr Yamashita Kazunori, the station master at Nishi Ojima station. “It is an issue we are very concerned about as they look at their phones and don’t look forward, which is dangerous. We would request all the students to shut down their phones while commuting by train kindly,” he said during an interview with Hibiki

In October last year, a passenger on the Keio Line randomly stabbed passengers and then set fire to the subway car. The passenger was dressed as the Joker from the Batman movie series. Ultimately, 17 people were injured in the attack. 

“More surveillance cameras are being set up in stations, allowing us to monitor the train and platform in case of any crimes,” said Mr Yamashita. “As station masters, we constantly patrol and ensure passenger safety by addressing any concerns on suspicious activity and immediately contacting the police when required,” he added. 

With so many IISJ students streaming through the Nishi Ojima station every day, Mr Yamashita said if anything happens, students must listen to instructions given by the officers. “People like us are trained in guiding passengers to a safe place and respond to any trouble on board,” the station master said. “For instance, during an earthquake, we show passengers like you, students, to a large evacuation area for safety,” he added. 

Crimes on the trains disrupt the whole system, and Mr Yamashita urged everyone to be more aware. Most importantly, he said students should report any suspicious activity to station officers. “Communicating and cooperating with the station staff is essential to ensure train safety,” the station master said.