Afterschool Clubs to Add to Your Extracurriculars


Aarav Tiwari and Nahush Sachin Pethe (11B) play basketball in the gym after School.

After-School clubs are alive and well at IISJ. Here are just a few to entice you! 

Running Club (7:00AM, Saturdays), 7th Grade and Up

The Running Club started as a way to get home-bound students out of the house during the peak of the pandemic. The Club has continued to meet every Saturday morning. Plans call for the team to participate in marathons eventually

Contact: Pujita Puchalapalli , 11B, captain

Fee: ¥1,000 per month 

Table Tennis Club (4:00PM, Tuesdays, one hour), 7th Grade and Up

Run by Mr. Ajeet, the Table Tennis Club meets every Tuesday in the Music Room. While it’s more fun than competitive, participants learn new strokes and other techniques.

Contact: Bihani Karki, 11C, captain

Fee: ¥2,000 per month

Badminton Club (4:00PM-5:30PM, Wednesdays), 7th Grade and Up

The Badminton Club started over the summer and is the newest club at IISJ. Players meet every Wednesday after school and practice under Coach Mr. Biswajeeth. Each session starts with a run, followed by a series of exercises including footwork exercises and badminton techniques, and ends with one-on-one matches. Players will eventually take part in local tournaments. 

Contact: Saumya Malkani, 11C, captain

Fee: ¥3,000 per month

Basketball Club (Tuesdays/Wednesdays), all Grades

The Basketball Club is open to students of all grades. Mr. Titus coaches Grades 1 to 5 every Tuesday after school and Mr. Louis coaches Grades 6 and above every morning (except Wednesdays) from 8:30AM to 9:30AM. 

Contact for Middle School:

Krish Chauhan, 9A, or Mahika Radhakrishnan, 8B

Contact for High School:

Lokesh Mudhalvan, 12, or Jahnavi Hemantkumar Bagul, 10B

Fee: ¥3,000 per month 

MUN Club (4:00PM-5:00PM, Mondays)

The Model UN Club at IISJ continues to evolve. Currently, 11th graders are responsible for the running of the Club. Please contact an 11th grader if you are interested in joining MUN.

Fee: ¥2,000 per month