Going Green: What Can YOU Do?


A paper recycling box sits in the Director’s Room. It gets emptied at least once a month.

Climate change has been affecting us for a long time and it’s evolved into a global crisis endangering every living organism. While it may seem that there is not much we can do as students to stem the tide, there is a lot we can do – and must do – to save the Earth. 

“I believe that we, as students, can make a huge impact by doing our part on a small scale to make the Earth a better place and the environment sustainable,” said Arpit Chopra, IISJ senior and president of the Earth and Welfare Club at School. “Our club encourages its members to follow proper trash segregation and dispose of pet bottles in recycling bins,” he added.

Seeing all the paper being thrown away, the Club decided to introduce recycling in the classrooms. It established a prototype paper reuse system where students and teachers place unwanted or used papers in recycling bins. Then, if anyone needs paper, they can pick it from the recycle bin instead of using a brand new sheet. “Despite the project being a prototype, I think we were successful since students are seen putting reusable paper in the bin,” said Arpit.

But paper recycling is just the beginning. There are lots more things IISJ students can do to make the School green:

1). pack your lunches in reusable stainless steel lunch boxes

2). bring your own reusable cloth napkin  

3). regulate the AC temperature in your classroom or better yet, switch it off and open the windows

4). students who live within a 10-kilometer radius of School should walk or bike to School 

5). students driving from the same neighborhood should carpool

6). bring your own drinking water in a reusable container, and don’t buy bottled water

7). and finally recycle, recycle, recycle

Think about it: of the 540 billion plastic bags used annually around the world, 30 billion are used by Japanese consumers, according to CNN World News. We cannot afford to wait. As part of Generation Z, we have to make a difference in society and influence those around us to adopt a low-carbon lifestyle in order to secure our future.