ChitChat: Choosing Your Stream in High School

Editor’s Note: In this issue of ChitChat, Juniors Seher Nijhawan and Arya KJ discuss the different streams in Grade 11 and the changes they experienced going from Grade 10 to Grade 11. Seher chose Economics, Entrepreneurship, Psychology, and Legal Studies, while Arya selected Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Math.

Arya: The change from Grade 10 to 11 was so drastic! While I like science, adjusting to the new subjects was difficult. But learning a few subjects in detail completely changed the way I study. Now, when I come across a new concept, I research the topic on the internet and try to learn it in-depth.  

 Seher: Right? Until 10th Grade, we didn’t have many options and now our choices have expanded so much. Everyone had a basic idea of Science, but Commerce and Humanities were new to all of us. I’d say Commerce is generally about markets and how businesses operate, while Humanities are about society, cultures, and human behavior.

Arya: That’s really interesting. It’s so different from everything we’ve done so far.

Seher: So, what’s your favorite subject?

 Arya: At the moment, my favorite is Physics, but it might change in the next couple of years. I’m very interested in Biology as well. The more I study these subjects in detail, the closer I’ll get to figuring out what my passion is, which will ultimately help me decide what course to take in university.

Seher: That’s so true! I want to be a counselor in the future, which is why I chose Psychology. As for Legal Studies, it pairs really well with Psychology.

 Arya: Personally, I chose Science because I love learning about various scientific theories and principles and their applications in our daily lives. A few of my friends in 10th Grade are struggling with what to choose as their subjects. I remember how confusing it was.

Seher: I know! Well, my advice to them is to take their time and think about what they want to do. It’s common to feel pressured by parents. Also, students sometimes make their decision based on what their friends are doing. I knew I couldn’t do Science, so I chose Humanities and I’m enjoying it thoroughly.

Arya: I agree, there’s a misconception among people that exceptional students are in Science and that’s the only path for a bright future. Nowadays, in high school, we see so many students taking Commerce and Humanities. I suggest that if you are confused about what subjects you want to take, think about what your passion is and what you enjoy most. You should consider where your strengths lie and what you like doing outside School.

Seher: Plus, it all works out in the end. Anyway, it was good catching up with you. 

Arya: Yeah, same here! See you later.