Healing Power of Music


While music classes have been canceled at IISJ because of the pandemic, experts say music can lower stress and anxiety levels. 

“Listening to music has a direct and indirect effect on arousal levels thereby by affecting the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis,” said Dr. R. Sridhar during a phone interview with Hibiki from India. “It shifts the focus from stressful stimuli, hence lowering the stress and anxiety levels,” added Dr. R. Sridhar, who is also a trained musician. 

Experts claim attention and concentration on the rhythms, patterns, and meanings in music relieve stress and evoke memories. We often recall moments and emotionally connect to songs. “Music triggers memories more readily and passively,” said Dr. Sridhar. “Paired associate learning takes place every wakeful moment in human consciousness,” he added.  In a nutshell, music helps calm the mind.

With the ongoing pandemic, music classes for kindergarten to Grade 8 have come to a halt. While unhappy with the decision, music teacher Ms. Nanae Onuki agrees with the healing power of music. “I believe the music classes helped my students be calm and more focused on their day-to-day activities,” she said. “ Although I feel deeply saddened by not teaching music, I support this prevention step against increasing coronavirus cases,” she added. 

She expressed hope that the music classes will resume soon.