New Year, New After-School Clubs

New Year, New After-School Clubs

At IISJ, the start of a new School term means the arrival of a whole slate of new after-School Clubs. In this issue of Hibiki, we focus on the Model United Nations Club. 

Model United Nations Club, every Monday, 4:00PM-5:00PM

 IISJ has been an active participant in previous IIMUN (India’s International Movement to Unite Nations) events and even hosted a few conferences in the past. This year, advisors Ms. Joginder Kaur and Ms. Smita Dua are trying something different: MUN, a newly created club dedicated to giving our students international exposure, improving their listening and speaking skills, as well as increasing awareness on real world issues. 

 “MUN is an extracurricular academic activity that opens the grounds for discussions and debates related to international affairs and current events, where students as delegates try to solve real-world issues of their assigned country and pass a suitable resolution,” said Senior Lekha Mohta, president of the club. While there are no specific qualifications to join the Club, there is a lot to gain from it. Club vice president Pramista KC adds, “MUN has helped me hone my leadership skills, taught me to work in a group, and helped me come out of my comfort zone.”

This organization of 37 students is practicing for the upcoming JEMUN (Japanese English Model United Nations) event. Long term, their goal is to participate in HMUN (Harvard Model United Nations), set to take place in Boston, early 2022. The experience has proved to be incredibly memorable for students in the past. 

 If you enjoy group discussions or are passionate about current affairs, this is the Club for you!