Class of 2021 College Compilation: Where Are They Going?

The college application process is a stressful time for any high school senior. Will I get in? Am I good enough? Thousands of questions race through our minds as we anxiously await that all important email. While many of us are still waiting to hear back, some Seniors have already made the big decision to commit. To recognize their hard work, Hibiki is compiling a list of students, their colleges, and intended major:

Abishek Manikandan, Kyushu University, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Aditya Sundar, Waseda University, Computer Science and Communications Engineering

Akshay Sapkota, Victoria University (Australia), Business Studies

Atharva Kulkarni, University of Michigan (USA), Computer Science

Chinmay Kulkarni, Tsukuba University, Interdisciplinary Engineering

Darshan Shivakumar, University of California Davis (USA), Computer Science

Dharshini BharathiWaseda University, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Lucy LinWaseda University, Political Science and Economics

Mandil Khadka, Tokyo International University, Digital Business and Innovation

Priya Mukkundi, Sophia University, Economics

Rijan ThapaTokyo International University, Digital Business and Innovation

Rizna MRUniversity of Bristol (England), Biochemistry

Samikshya Sapkota, Tsukuba University, Bachelor’s Program in Global Issue

Shafi TashdeedTokyo International University, Digital Business and Innovation

Shaunak Bapat, Hult Business International School (United Kingdom), Business Management

Subramanian MeyyappanLehigh University (USA), Computer Science

Supriya GurungTokyo International University, International Relations

Tejal NayyarWaseda University, International Liberal Studies

Vachana MummigattiKyoto University of Advanced Science (Japan), Mechanical/Electrical System Engineering

And more to come…