StuCo Activities Kick Into High Gear


StuCo Vice President Lokesh Mudhalvan (left) and President Kenneth Daniel (right).

With the start of the new academic year, the Student Council is in full action. Elected in late February, it’s led by Kenneth Daniel (President) and Lokesh Mudhalvan (Vice President). Anisha Pillai is Treasurer, Devesh Sigh Ratra is Secretary, Jyotsna Muralidharan is Director of Programs, and Manav Natarajan is Director of Operations. Here is our interview with President Kenneth Daniel and Vice President Lokesh Mudhalvan on their plans for the coming year. 

HIBIKI: What did you think of the campaign season going digital this year? 

I found the concept of mirroring the system of the US elections [President and Vice President under the same ticket] quite interesting as it brought many factors into play”, said Kenneth. The online campaigning also forced the candidates to find creative ways to deliver their message.

HIBIKI: What do you think the role of the Student Council is?

Rather than acting as a dominant group, our role in IISJ is mainly to organize events, initiate changes in the School system, and listen to the students’ feedback and reviews,” said Kenneth. For the remainder of their term, they want to be able to “manage their time efficiently and do their best for IISJ.”

HIBIKI: What are some things the students can look forward to from the Student Council?

Although the ongoing pandemic has interfered with plans, events are planned for the near future. Students from Middle School should look forward to an online art competition and an in-person badminton/ tennis tournament for High School students. 

Members of the Student Council are very approachable, so write to them at [email protected] with any questions, feedback, etc. They’d love to hear from you!