IISJ Sweeps Hackathon Against Other International Schools

IISJ Sweeps Hackathon Against Other International Schools

Teams from IISJ swept the top spots at the recent ASIJ Hackathon. Using Python, the teams had to make a functioning software to help communities affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Unlike regular Hackathons, the entire event was held online on Discord. Each team was allowed to interact with other teams and were assigned mentors. 

“[The mentors] patiently answered all my questions even if they were about the basics and made sure we were on the right track.” said Aryan Kulkarni from Grade 7.

Students from international schools across Tokyo took part in the five-day event held in March. As part of the competition, each team had to make a video to demonstrate the functionalities of their project.

IISJ’s Middle School team The Hacksters created a software program that consisted of quizzes and facts related to Covid-19. The main goal of their project is to inform people about the current situation in an enjoyable manner.

IISJ’s High School team Team Bro Code developed software called WorkPlus. WorkPlus is a collaborative platform designed for workplace communications that simultaneously promotes a healthy and fruitful lifestyle for all employees. It enables users to track personal and team fitness levels, and engage in fun and rewarding fitness and trivia challenges, making “work from home” a more enjoyable and productive experience.

Teams were also given unique bonus point challenges each day, which ranged from making a joke related to coding to coming up with a team name. The winner was decided by other participants.

“The bonus point challenges were interesting tasks that helped us take our mind off coding during the Hackathon”, said Varad Potdar from Grade 12. He was part of the team that won the Community Recognition Award for winning for the most amount of bonus point challenges.

The awards ceremony was held on Zoom on March 14. 

IISJ swept all the spots in the Middle School division:

First Place: The Hackstars – Diya Atal, Palak Gundecha, Parth Gundecha, Zayaan Nanji. 

Second Place: The Codeslayers – Ansha Rajput, Abhishek Ashok, Khushi Mehta, Shrilekha Botsa, Tejaswi Kumar

Third Place: Cyberclan – Arnav Megur, Bhavesh Paturi, Ryohya Satake, Shahir Mostafa, Swayam Pathak

In the high school division, IISJ’s Team Bro Code beat out teams from Seisen International School to win first place. Team members include Aditya Sundar, Atharva Kulkarni, Darshan Shivakumar, and Debashish Sahoo. (See their winning product here on the IISJ’s YouTube channel.) Seisen won second and third places.