New Clubs Debut at IISJ Despite Pandemic


The IISJ Earth and Welfare Club at work.

Undeterred by the virus, students at IISJ managed to debut a handful of clubs that will continue into the new year. Each club meets online for now. 


Vitalis (Biology Club), Grades 8-12, Fridays, 5:00pm – 6:00pm

IISJ’s first biology club, Vitalis, a Latin word for “alive,” provides a platform to freely discuss and debate all things biology. Created by seniors Abhiram Oggu and Abishek Manikandan, the club picks a topic each month and then members research, discuss, and debate relevant issues. Past topics include prokaryotes and the industrial uses of prokaryotes, the peripheral nervous system and its parts, and the making of vaccines.


Earth and Welfare Club, Grades 7-12, Wednesdays, 5:30pm – 6:30pm

Juniors Arpit Chopra and AKM Akaiduz Zaman believe that change starts at home. Through the Earth and Welfare Club, they aim to spread awareness about environmental problems and at the same time, make IISJ more sustainable.

The club chooses a topic each month and then discusses how to implement it at IISJ. For example, members are planning to introduce a robust paper and plastic recycling plan throughout the school. Apart from this, they plan to organise various quiz competitions to increase awareness. 


Hibiki (Newspaper Club), Grades 9-12

Hibiki, a Japanese word that means echo, is the online newspaper run by the students of IISJ. Started by Darshan Shivakumar, Gunjan Srivastava and Priya Mukkundi, the online newspaper gives a platform to students to have their voices heard. 


If you want to join any of these clubs, please contact the founders for further information.