I Spy with My Little Eye…


The pandemic has created a virtual world as people spend massive amounts of time in front of their computer screens and smartphones. Such prolonged exposure to bright screens can result in damage to the human eye which can become permanent unless preventative actions are taken. 

According to health professionals and vision specialists, here are a few ways in which good eye health can be maintained: 

  • The 20-20-20 rule: The year 2020 has made it easier than ever to remember the 20-20-20 rule: people who look at computer screens for prolonged hours should look at an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes.
  • Limit unnecessary and extensive screen time: Limit is key. While listening to music, instead of watching the video along with it, use apps like Spotify or Apple Music that do not display any videos. It is also important to keep your surroundings in mind. For example, staring at a bright screen in a dark room strains your eyes, damaging them in the long run.
  • Practice Yoga: Practicing yoga is another effective solution to maintain good eye health. Yoga helps the eyes cope with eye strain and can even reverse eye problems like impaired vision. According to Vasanthi Bhat, a yoga teacher in the Sivananda tradition, yoga asanas like downward-facing dog help improve blood circulation to the face, thereby improving vision. Another effective yoga technique is to rotate your pupils in a circular motion which improves the strength of the ciliary muscles.